About Kundalini Yoga - My students explain why Kundalini? - Kiranjot

All About Kundalini Yoga

In the August of 2019 I sent out a survey to 50 of ‘my best’ students asking them 6 questions including “Why they did Kundalini Yoga, What they liked about it and how it’s helped them. The answers I got back were thoughtful and enlightening.

Unsure if Kundalini Yoga is right for you?

This is Kundalini Yoga explained straight from the mouths of those who practice with me…

The Kundalini yoga effect

Kundalini yoga can be very prescriptive, that’s what I love so much about the practice. You have an ailment, kundalini yoga has the remedy.

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Kundalini yoga is a spiritual practice

Kundalini yoga takes yoga to the next level. It’s a multi layered practice, we use mantra as well as breath, we use mudras, hand positions at the same time as the physical asanas and there is a strong emphasis on meditation…

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