What to wear to a Kundalini yoga class? No Lycra necessary! - Kiranjot

What to wear to a kundalini yoga class

You may have noticed people wear a lot of white clothes to practice Kundalini yoga in, and yes it does make us look a bit culty I’m not going pretend otherwise.  But what you won’t see in class is a lot of expensive branded leggings and bra tops, which women who practice with me have said they appreciate.

As a Kundalini teacher, I will always teach in white and cover my head with a (usually) white turban. In it I feel strong and safe. In class you can wear white if you like, it’s not compulsory. The theory is white, natural fibres strengthen the aura, it’s a simple yogic technique and easy to try it for yourself.

When I first started Kundalini I was still wearing a lot of black. I do still occasionally have a black day but i;m more about colour especially pink but wow how much more positive I feel when I wear white.

Whatever colour you wear you’ll need to wear clothes in class you can move freely in. Layers are great for when class gets a bit sweaty but comfort rules. Wear clothes you can sit comfortably in. I like baggy trousers with a vest or leggings and a little dress / t-shirt combo.  I always tell women to wear a bra because you never know when you’re going to do a lot of jumping around. 

Covering your head will enhance your meditation. Hair acts like an antenna, so if you’re sensitive to other people energies I would strongly advise you wrap your hair up. As for the lycra, what ever floats your boat babe. If you feel good in it wear it, if not get rid if it.

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