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“Laura (aka Kiranjot) gave us both such a great sense of confidence and trust! “

Birth Doula

After an unplanned, rather stressful pregnancy in 2007 I had a brilliant empowering birth with a wonderful doula.


Now I am very experienced pregnancy & postnatal yoga teacher and birth doula.

In 2009 women attending my pregnancy yoga classes started asking me to attend their births so I qualified as a recognised birth doula with Doula UK in 2010.


Since then I have attended 80+ births, each one very different. Hospital births, home births, medicated births, unmedicated births, births with doctors and midwives, free births. Births with husbands, births with other mothers and sisters, some births with just me and the mum, no dad around. I am particularly experienced supporting 40 + single mums giving birth for the first time.

 Birth Doula Package

With or Without Yoga 

Firstly please drop me a message (click this link) to find out if I am available.

Then let’s arrange an initial consultation. They are free and can take place over zoom or face to face, ideally with everyone present who is planning on attending the birth.


Once we’ve spoken please decide to book me or not within a week. Your booking is confirmed with your deposit which is 50% of my fee. (£1997) The other 50% is due at 38weeks when I go on call for you.


I have a birth agreement which we will both sign. I’ve found it usually takes three face to face talking sessions to educate you about birth, create a birth plan, discuss in full pain relief options and help you prepare practically for labour and the postnatal period. Sometimes one of these sessions is dedicated to helping you prepare for life with baby, including breastfeeding education, if that’s how you wish to feed your child.


At 38 weeks I go on call for you. That means I am ready for your call to be with you and provide comfort and reassurance while you birth. I will stay with you until you are clean, cosy and giving baby their first feed.

I am not a postnatal doula, but I will come see you after the birth for a cuppa and a cuddle within a week of the birth to make sure you’re being well looked after. My care for you then turns virtual and you can text me anytime with questions or for advice up to six weeks postpartum.

+ Kundalini Yoga

Most people hire me because of their own interest in yoga. As your birth doula I offer you the opportunity to practice Kundalini Yoga with me, either in your home or in my studio. 1-1, or 1-2 if your partner would like to join.


Kundalini Yoga makes excellent birth preparation. The moves are safely challenging and will push you to the edge of what you think you are physically capable of and in doing so you get to practice where to put your mind when you are under pressure.


To compliment the sessions I use a variety of sound instruments, crystal bowls, gong, chimes, drumming as well as voice and breathwork to take you into a deeply relaxed, liminal space aka the birth zone.


Practiced regularly Kundalini Yoga will help keep you calm and centred throughout pregnancy and the birth of your baby. 6 x 1-1 Classes + Doula Package = £2497. Extra classes can be paid separately, price varies on time, length and location.


Click here to check my availability now.

“After a difficult first birth hiring Laura as our doula was the best money we’ve ever spent, it’s because of her help that we were able to achieve our ideal birth the second time around. Our marriage and our family of four is stronger as a result.” Kimberley

Thoughts and Considerations

No two families are the same, every mother I support has a unique set of circumstances and birth wishes. My care for you as either your yoga teacher, doula or both is completely non judgemental. I have worked for women who are very clear they will do whatever the doctors say and are planning to use an epidural to mums who want to do it all by themselves with no pain relief at home. You’re the boss, it’s your birth, your baby, I am simply there to help clear the path and support you on your way.


What is most important is getting to know you, your family and your preferences. I want us to feel a deep sense of trust in each other and I want you to feel totally confident in yourself before we birth together. Through intelligent conversation and deep listening we prepare for your ideal birth scenario, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We’ll talk through all your options and what best steps you can take to give yourself the optimum chance to achieving the birth you want.

I will go above and beyond to make that happen, which is why I usually only look after one ‘family’ at a time.

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I work with everyone present at your birth to create a harmonious and supportive team. I am an advocate for you your wishes with the aim of getting your new life with baby off to the best possible start.


I am not a replacement or there to rally against sound medical advice, nor will I get in the way of the love and care from your partner if you have one. Partners often feel nervous about the thought of another person getting in their way of giving their love and support, but Fathers-to-be actually find that having an experienced woman present means they’re more involved. I am an extra pair of hands to help share the burden of responsibility of all the small details that help a birth run smoothly, like knowing when to go to hospital, showing how to massage to help ease discomfort and setting up the birth pool.

“She is very calm, yet assertive with the midwives when putting my wishes forward. After my first birth she helped me overcome my breastfeeding issues, without her I would have given up. She is amazing, very very caring.” Kirsten

Pregnancy, Postnatal Yoga, Birth Prep and Sound Baths

Pregnancy Yoga sound bath

Maybe you don’t want me to attend your birth but you would like to learn more about yoga or go deeper into your practice and experience and use your pregnancy and postpartum time to experience deeply ecstatic yogic states to enhance you and your babies life.

I offer …

1-1 or 1-2 Pregnancy Yoga classes which all have an element of sound bath to them.


Birth preparation classes, please see the details below


Sound baths 1-1 or 1-2 these make especially lovely gifts for an exhausted new mother.


6 week postnatal recovery course including baby yoga 1-1 or small groups.

Kundalini Power Arrows

Birth Preparation Sessions

Kundalini Yoga is very similar to hypnobirthing. A holistic yoga practice it incorporates breathwork = pranayam, positive affirmation = mantra, mind control = meditation as well as common sense spiritual philosophy and healthy physical stretch and strength work to challenge you to go safely go beyond what you thought capable.

Throughout our yoga sessions I will teach you about the physiology of birth, what helps and what hinders.

£497 6 hours, 2 x 3 hours or 3 x 2 hours

“Really really good”

said Neil pictured.

Birth preparation sessions

I’m in a book!

Drawing on decades of experience supporting birth is this gem of a book from Brighton based Midwife Alexis Stickland and Doula and Massage Therapist Beccy Hands. In this book I share several powerful and effective practices from Kundalini Yoga to help you cope with stress and pain management. Published by Penguin and available from all good book sellers and Amazon.


Further Trainings

I originally qualified with Michel Odent and Lilliana Llamers in 2009. I completed the Doula UK recognition programme in 2010 where I was mentored through my first 4 births by senior doula Bridget Baker. I have since completed many birth related trainings including… Establishing breastfeeding with Jack Newman, Spinning Babies (baby positioning) with Gail Tully, Use of Rebozo (three times with various people) Aromatherapy for birth and Traditional Post Natal Care with Nicola Goodall. I personally use homeopathy and am confident using it at births. I am a member of The Red Tent Doula Collective and AIMS (The Association for Improvements in Maternity Services)

“Laura’s a lovely person who puts all her focus on you, she’s great to talk really listens while you speak. I was suffering with panic attacks so she showed me how to do pregnancy yoga which I believed helped me get through my labour. My mother and I agree she was amazing at the birth, very good at getting what we needed at the hospital, the extra support is what helped me have the most wonderful birth.” Anon

In the Press

Kiranjot Kundalini Yoga Teacher

“After a traumatic first birth experience followed by postnatal depression Laura provided a great sounding board for ideas throughout my second pregnancy, exploring ways to prepare mentally, physically and emotionally for my VBAC…. I had a truly amazing home birth, Laura ensured I was calm and confident throughout without interrupting the bond I had with my husband and took excellent care of me immediately after the birth.” Kay

Happy Birthday
Newborn Baby Feet
Newborn and Dad bonding

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Kiranjot Kundalini Yoga Teacher