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Kundalini Yoga 1-1

Kiranjot Kundalini Yoga Teacher

 1-1 Kundalini Yoga 

will be particularly useful if you

– need to carve out space in your life just for you 

– are at a crossroads in your life unsure which way to go

– in a crisis and need healing

,-have health related issues including disturbances due to kundalini activation

eitI can support you with weekly yoga and meditation sessions in my studio in London or online. I am £80 – £120 per 1hr – 1.5hr session. 

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“She’s got my back” Rose 

“I would like to thank you for helping me get my life back on track. I’m sleeping much easier and getting rid of distracting distortions in vision using the breathwork and meditations you gave me. I cannot thank you enough.” Marcus

Kiranjot Kundalini Yoga Teacher

1-1 Intensive

If you are ready to create change then a personalised and dedicated intensive practice over 40 days is the best way to go.

For 6 weeks you will have my unwavering support to access the courage and resilience that’s within you to create meaningful and lasting positive change in your life.

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Kiranjot Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kundalini
Kundalini energy exists within all of us, it is ultimately deeply healing. An effective Kundalini yoga practice taps into this energy safely and can create miracles.
 Sometimes Kundalini is activated spontaneously without any prior yoga practice and the energy is hard to integrate and overwhelms our nervous system. I can help you integrate and ground the energy through Kundalini Yoga practice.
What is a kriya?
Kundalini Yoga is practices in sequences of yogic exercises called kriyas. I liken them to recipes, there are hundreds to choose from and they are very prescriptive. After consultation with you. I will choose specific kriyas and carefully guide you through them.
How long is each session?
For full effect a private session is 1.5 – 2 hours.
25% on booking, 75% after the first session 
What's best to wear to practice Kundalini Yoga in?
Traditionally we wear comfortable white cotton clothes to practice in but please wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. fI will always cover my head to teach, you don’t have to but you are welcome to. If you are very sensitive person I would recommended to cover your hair, I can help you wrap your hair if you would like.
What equipment will I need?
For a comfortable and enjoyable yoga practice you will need a yoga mat, something supportive to sit on and a blanket to cover yourself in relaxation, set up in quiet location where you are not going to be interrupted.
Private Kundalini Yoga Retreats

One of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Kundalini Yoga has turned my life and health around.” Sarah