The Kundalini Yoga Buzz - Kiranjot

Kunda – buzzing

Kunda-buzzing is a term we coined on my last retreat. It’s that perfect feeling you get after a great Kundalini Yoga session, slightly floaty, whole, at peace in one’s self, inspired and vividly alive. 

I’m not going to lie, Kundalini can and often is a workout. We practice dynamic sequences of exercises called kriyas, we don’t mess about with the kriya, we teach them exactly as they were taught by the master and maverick that was Yogi Bhajan. It’s all a bit mysterious and intense but they work and in this very stressful time that’s what matters. 

There’s not a lot of complicated moves that will take you years to master, most of the moves are pretty simple, it’s the way the practice is so layered, weaving repetitive movement, specific breath, mantras and mudras together which is what makes Kundalini Yoga so powerful and transformative.

Yogi Bhajan said I’m not a teacher I’m a janitor and I’m here to clean you out. So if you’re feeling a bit or even a lot messy, get yourself to a class, it’s powerful stuff. If you’re new it’s going to take you through a cathartic process, clearing out the nonsence, clearing your head so you can take control and make better decisions to serve your true life’s path.

Honestly apply yourself and your problems to a kundalini yoga practice and you’ll amazed what shifts in a short amount of time and how great you can feel. The Kundabuzz is a very real thing.

There are kundalini yoga teachers all over the world, I teach regular weekly classes in London and online. Please check my current schedule here.