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Hello, or rather, Sat Nam which is what we say in Kundalini yoga to acknowledge your spirit.

I’ve got two names, my birth name is Laura which I still use. My spiritual name is Kiranjot, which means ray of sunshine. I am a down to earth, pragmatic person. I’m all about keeping the yoga practice relatable and sharing yogic hacks to help us all through this thing we called life. I particularly enjoy holding inclusive spaces and I excel at adapting the practice, so every-body can enjoy Kundalini Yoga.

I was deeply unhappy when I found Kundalini Yoga and I credit it with saving my life. Now I wake up every morning and I feel so happy to be alive. Born Jan 1975. I’ve practised yoga since my early twenties, but I’ve been hooked on Kundalini yoga since my first class in 2003. I started my teacher training in 2004 and have been teaching weekly classes since 2008.

“I love how Kundalini Yoga so quickly lifts my mood. In as little as ten minutes I am thinking and feeling much calmer and clearer”

After the birth of my son in 2007, I dived into the women’s teachings of Kundalini Yoga and did trainings with Carolyn Cowen, Guru Rattana, Gurmukh and Uma Dismore-Tuli. I qualified to teach pre and post-natal yoga and am currently writing a yoga manual for pregnant mamas. 

My weekly classes are influenced by the seasons and the cosmic climate. I am currently studying Astrology with the Faculty of Astrological studies in London. I have found this sacred science has so many cross overs with Kundalini. I’m Aquarius Sun, Capricorn Rising, Gemini Moon. Very creative, deeply practical, thinks a lot, talks a lot.

You can find me in person at studios in Peckham and Dalston, covering classes at Tri Yoga, as well as online through my website and at Movement for Modern Life.  I also run regular retreats and workshops across Europe. 

I identify as a Quaker.


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I offer all this from my heart to yours, with many thanks!