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“Wise and wonderful woman”

I received my spiritual name Kiranjot after practising Kundalini Yoga for 11 years. Kiran means ray of light from the sun and jot is a vessel.

I went to my first Kundalini class in 2003 while looking for ways to tackle the debilitating depression I was suffering with and realised straight away Kundalini was the cure. I started teacher training in 2004 and haven’t stopped since, taking yearly in depth trainings with masters teachers within Kundalini Yoga including Gurmukh, Guru Rattana, Guru Dev, Shiv Charan and Satya, Karta Singh and Carolyn Cowan. 

After the home birth of my son in 2007, I left my media career and started to attend births and teach yoga. Birth and Kundalini Yoga are both hugely transformational experiences. Essentially what I do is facilitate space for people to go deep into their process and have positive life affirming experiences whether that be in a yoga studio or on a labour ward.

For many years I’ve had an interest in astrology. I’ve always taken into account the turning of the seasons and the astrological weather when I plan my yoga classes. I believe that’s why so many people say after class, “thank you, that was spot on” 

I live in Peckham south east London and have taught thousands of hours of regular classes in the biggest and best yoga studios and humble community centres in London and abroad. Please go to the home page for my current schedule and check out the retreats page to see what exciting yogic adventures I have coming up. Click the insta logo below to see where am at right now and if you think you might want to work with me please reach out using the contact from below.

Thanks for reading. 

Kiranjot x


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Cosmic Kundalini

Zodiac means way of life and I often talk about the current astrological weather in my classes and explain why we’re doing a particular practice on a particular day. I find this gets more juice out of the practice. My monthly newsletter contains details of astrologically timed kundalini yoga practices.

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