Kundalini Yoga Retreats Ibiza 2022
Kundalini Yoga Women's Retreat 2022

“I cannot stress how wonderful it was to be in a safe and healing environment and able to let go.”

Kundalini Yoga Retreats Ibiza 2022

Kundalini Yoga Retreats 

Ibiza 2022 “The Antidote”

May 29th – June 4th 2022  Last Spaces

June 5th – 11th 2022 One Space now available

**NEW** Date OCT 2nd – 8th

Women Only

Email me to enquire and / or book

“Kundalini Yoga has given me back my energy and positivity, it’s been an amazing revelation, I have not felt this good since I was a young woman.”

The Program Ibiza 2022

A retreat is a chance to reset oneself, to get a new perspectives and deeper insights to live a more inspired life.
My retreats all follow a similar pattern. It’s a simple and effective manifestation strategy > banish > purify > invoke.
We do this using, Kundalini Yoga and Mediation techniques, which I embellish with drumming, singing, shaking, chanting. 
This year I am delighted to include Tree Yoga with Ibiza’s oldest tree, a private Ecstatic Dance Workshop and an Osho Dynamic Mediation Session.
All this work is supported with a healthful diet of fresh plant based, vegan food prepared for us by a wonderful private chef.
As you go through this process you’re seen and held in a safe and supportive sisterly environment.
It works a treat. All the testimonials on this page are from real women who’ve been on Kundalini Yoga retreats with me before. 
We’ve been isolated for too long from each other. It’s time to come together, be in community, share our stories and shine.
I can’t wait!!!!
Kundalini Yoga Retreats Ibiza 2022

“I was very apprehensive as I had only done very basic yoga before but after this week I am totally amazed with how I feel within myself, wonderful. Thank you.”

A Typical Day

(Everything is optional)
 6.30 – 7am Song of the Soul, mantra japa and prayers
7 – 8am Tree Yoga with Ibiza’s oldest tree 
8.15 – 9.15am Breakfast 
10.30 – 12.30  Kundalini Yoga Workshop 
12.30 Lunch 
Free time
18.00 Supper 
20.00 Sunset Meditation / Evening Events
Suggested bedtime 22.00 
Kundalini Yoga Retreats Ibiza 2022

A new villa for Ibiza 2022!

I found a beautiful new authentic north Ibizan villa for my Kundalini Yoga retreats. With a gorgeous swimming pool, terrace, acres of private land and an abundant fresh organic vegetable patch we can eat from, I know we’ll be super comfy here.
The villa is just outside the town of San Miquel, right beside Ibiza’s oldest tree and not far from Santa Gertrudis which is still my favourite Ibizan town for mooching around and people watching.
There are many beautiful beaches to choose from within a 10 minute drive
The rooms are either twin or double with top quality mattresses and bedding. Many rooms are on-suite or are a sharing bathrooms with one other twin bedroom. Single occupancy is possible for a supplement.
There is a fully equipped yoga deck, no need to pack your own mat unless you would like to and a beautiful shady forest glade where we can practice close to nature.

Extra Activities

Weather and energy of the group dependant I will take our practice out to special sacred places on the island. Being immersed in nature is the quickest way to reset your nervous system. And Ibiza has a particulary healing energy. Home to many holy caves, magnetic rocks, stunning scenery and glorious sunsets, it’s food for tired eyes and weary hearts.
Of course you are never far from the sea in Ibiza. From lazing on the beach to fun watersports, SUP to Es Vedra anyone? Ibiza has something for everyone and if you’re new to Ibiza these weeks will be a wonderful introduction to this iconic island.

There is a thriving community of talented bodyworkers, ceramics artists and witches who can can come and give workshops and treatments at the villa. This year we’ll ease our way into our physical practice with a guided barefoot dance by experienced movement medicine therapist and DJ Iszabel. Through the dance we can begin to unwind our bodies, connect to the land and fully arrive in Ibiza, body mind and soul ready for our week of Kundalini Yoga together.

And importantly after so much time apart and isolation, reconnection is important now more than ever. Many people who practice with me work a 12 step program, so it’s likely there will be a meeting organised by a participant as well as regular group check ins and sharings held by myself. This can be nerve racking if you’re not used to opening up to a group of relative strangers, but they are always so enlightening. We have so much to learn from each other and in opening up and being honest with one another, hearing each others stories, increases our connection and understanding of each other and where we’re at in life and has creating lasting friendships that go way beyond our Ibizan retreat.

“I am a full time mum and carer and I cannot begin to tell you how incredible it was to just care for myself for a change.”

Who are these weeks for?

These Kundalini Yoga retreats are for anyone open to exploring the spiritual side of life, adventurous souls who want to get stuck in to get the most of life.
You don’t need to be massively experienced at yoga but a good level of fitness, a pair of walking trainers and an open mind will help you get the most out of our week together.
People of all ages come, from mid twenties to mid seventies. Some people come with friends or family but many people come alone. Wether you’re a long term student of mine or we’re meeting for the first time, everyone is made to feel very welcome and part of the group.

“One of the bravest and best decisions I’ve ever made. Kundalini Yoga turned my life and health around.”


We eat really really well in Ibiza. We will have a private chef catering for us, creating a delicious ALL VEGAN GLUTEN FREE brightly coloured plant-based menu. Everyone is always amazed and inspired by how good the food is and how well they feel on it. The food helps the cleansing process and gives everyone a big energetic boost, it’s the extra added ingredient that helps create big shifts for people.

 We can accommodate food allergies and intolerances please let us know on booking.

“I feel great mentally, my mind is calmer and I’m feeling more confident with much more love for myself.”

Kundalini Yoga Retreat Ibiza 2022

What is Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is perhaps the most overtly spiritual of all yoga practises. The emphasis isn’t on perfecting physical asanas but on incorporating, mantra, mudras, breathwork and visualisation within a prescriptive set of physical exercises called kriyas.
All yoga works on the Kundalini energy but Kundalini Yoga works directly on it by gently and carefully stimulating the Kundalini energy that resides within us all. I teach a traditional and precise form of Kundalini Yoga, which I know works.
There are hundreds of different kriyas, that all help give us a new lease of life. They are a great aid in helping us keep our balance and inner peace in an increasingly chaotic world. It’s a very diverse, fun and sometimes challenging practice.
After practising people say they feel clearer, lighter happier and more connected.
Kundalini Yoga Retreat Ibiza 2022
Kundalini Yoga Retreat 2022
Kundalini Yoga Retreat 2022

I see how most of the positive steps forward I have achieved in the last few years can be traced back to embarking on the Ibiza adventure with you!

What to Bring

Please pack warm and cool clothes to practice in. During the day Ibiza is usually hot and sunny, but in the early morning and later in the evening it can cool down. For your enjoyment and as an aide to relaxation, it’s important you’re comfortable.
The villa has yoga mats and props, but a warm blanket and a shawl for mediation will be invaluable. A good pair of walking trainers are important as we will occasionally go exploring off the beaten track. Beach clothes obvs and a glam outfit just in case.

Arrivals and Departures

Please book your flight to land at Ibiza airport latest at 15.00 the Sunday our retreat starts. That gives you plenty of time to get to the villa for our first meal together at 17.00

We need to vacate the villa by 10am the following Saturday. Please book your flight to depart anytime after 13.00 that will give you enough time to enjoy our final practice together, eat breakfast and get to the airport without an uncomfortable rush.

What’s included

6 nights accommodation in shared rooms in a beautiful villa set in acres of private land in the North of Ibiza 

Gourmet, vegan, gluten free meals served three times a day by a private chef.

Kundalini Yoga adventures for five full days, plus a Sunday evening ecstatic dance, movement medicine workshop, where experienced facilitator Iszabel will guide us through the elements.

Sacred sound baths. I have a selection of drums, crystal chalices, chimes and a huge gong. We use these sacred tools to accelerate meditation and facilitate deep relaxation.

What’s not included

Flights –  Ibiza is a major tourist destination and there are reasonably priced direct flights from all over Europe and the US to Ibiza.

Transfers – Our villa is about 30 minutes away from the airport. Before we go I make a group email so people who arrive at the same time can share rides. 

Car Hire – There is little public transport on Ibiza, the taxi service has improved considerably since I first started visiting. If you want to get around t’s cheaper and easier if we all car pool. We will be a group of 16 so we need 3 / 4 cars between us. Car hire costs approx 150 euros upwards and we all chip in towards the cost to the driver.

Extra activities – for example paddle boarding and ceramics.

Treatments at the villa – I can arrange to have a therapist  for massages 60+ euros approx

“Thank you so much, It’s been the first time in ages I felt like I could completely relax and be me.”

This is me …

Kiranjot or Laura as I’m otherwise known. Ibiza is my very happy place, I love feeling present in my body, comfy in my clothes and in good company. It hasn’t always been like this, I’ve had a lot of work to do on myself to get to this place of equanimity. Kundalini Yoga saved my life, I glued myself back together and surprised myself with strength I always sort of new was within me but didn’t know how to access. The retreats I run in Ibiza blow my heart wide open. The healing power and creative activation of Kundalini yoga cannot be underestimated but it’s also the group energy and community that’s generated by the wonderful people who make these weeks so special.

Kundalini Yoga Retreat Ibiza 2022
Kundalini Yoga Retreat Ibiza 2022

“I want to live a clean holistic lifestyle and came away to break my unhealthy daily regime. The yoga was amazing, mind blowing, I felt such a deep soul connection and stillness.”

To Book

To book please drop me an email to let me know you would like to come and I will send you my bank details for the transfer of your deposit.


Flexible payment plans are available for all my retreats.

Price Per Person

£997 / €1200 for a standard twin rooms
£1200 / €1450 for a twin en-suite rooms
£1400 / €1675 for luxury double en-suite
There are 15 spaces in total.

T and Cs

aka Thoughts and Considerations
Please read these through carefully before booking.
Travel is once again possible, hooray despite the whole Brexit and Covid malarky. 
At the moment Spain are only accepting tourists who are fully vaccinated or who have proof of a previous covid infection within the past 6 months.The digital documentation to enter Spain is a simple online form. Vaccinated or unvaccinated it is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct proof to enter Spain. 
I operate a strict first come first served policy and only the payment of your deposit reserves your space.
To confirm your booking please pay a deposit of 50% on booking and 50% six weeks before the the start of the retreat.
I strongly recommend you purchase appropriate travel insurance so you are covered in the event you are unable to attend due to personal or covid circumstances.
Cancellations prior to four weeks before the retreat starts – If you need to cancel for whatever reason and either you or I can find someone of to take your place I will refund you your payment in full minus 10% the cost of the retreat. If either you or I cannot easily find someone to take your place you will forfeit your payment.
Cancellations within four weeks of the retreat start date – no refunds in any circumstances, sorry. However if you or I can find someone to take your place you can reschedule your booking to a future retreat within 18months.
A retreat is a much needed break from ’normal life’ and I politely request we do not discuss covid unless it is relevant to mention it within a sharing circle.
It is important that you understand that participating in one of my retreats is entirely at your own risk. And you take full responsibility for yourself when participating in my yoga retreats.
I do not accept any liability for theft, damage to personal possessions, personal injuries or medical conditions that develop during or after the retreat.

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