Very Special Kundalini Yoga Retreats - Kiranjot

“I feel alive, awake and in tune with myself.

I’d lost my way and now I’m back”

Upcoming Retreats 2020 +

Beautiful Ibiza is waiting for you.

I run retreats just for womxn and for the very first time a mixed retreat for mxn and women.

Super flexible booking options due to the pandemic, see the webpage for more details.


Womxn’s PROSPERITY Ibiza 27th September – 3rd October 2020

Exploring abundance and gratitude through the practice and teachings of Kundalini Yoga

Last 3 spaces available go to webpage


Everyone DEEP RELAXATION Ibiza 18th – 24th October 2020

Using breath, sound, gentle movement and meditation to create a profoundly relaxed state.

About to launch please enquire


Womxn’s POWER Ibiza 25th – 31st October 2020

Learning and experiencing the Kundalini Yoga teachings for female liberation and empowerment.

Half full go to webpage


Womxn’s VITALITY Ibiza 6th – 12th June 2021

Recharge your batteries through a clean mostly green diet and practising detoxifying Kundalini kriyas and meditations.

Half full please enquire


Slow down, let it go and drop into the present.

There you’ll find, what is truly important and what really makes you happy.

“It was like a short cut to a higher mind-set. A whole different world opened up”

Sometimes you just have to get away. Time just for you to reassess and relax!!!

My retreats are powerful, all of them have an element of cleansing, healing and manifesting.

I’ve been told many times over how it was the “turning point” “the start of something incredible.”

I don’t claim to have all the answers but I do excel at creating safe spaces for people to have an excellent practice of yoga and deep meditation.

When you open yourself to yoga and allow it to guide you, you find out all you need to know.

“In the midst of winter, I finally learned there was inside of me an invincible summer”

10 % of Profits go to Charity

It’s a yogic concept called ‘dasvandh’ ie. at 10th of our income doesn’t belong to us, it belongs to the greater good. We’re lucky enough to have the relative freedom to travel and time and safe space to relax and practice Kundalini Yoga. Giving money like this is my little offering to help in some small way readdress the dreadful imbalance of wealth and opportunity in the world.

The charity I support is Lapis Lazuli Schools run by Naomi, who I used to teach down the road from in Kings Cross many years ago. Naomi was born and raised in Kabul, Afghanistan and she’s built, floor by floor, a co-ed school in Kabul Afghanistan for Hazari children off the back of the proceeds of her charity boutique Pop Up 38. She’s since finished the school in Kabul and is now building a second school in Bamiyan.

I love direct action and I love nice clothes so it’s a winning combination for me. Every time I run a retreat I gladly give 10% of the profit to her and the children of Afghanistan. Check her out on instagram @popup38 and pay her a visit. She stocks the most amazing vintage and designer secondhand and samples. I buy most of what I wear from there.

Education empowers.