Why come on retreat with me? - Kiranjot

My Retreats

I run several retreats a year, from long weekends in the most beautiful corners of the UK to week long women’s retreats in magical Ibiza.

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“the state of being strong and active; energy.”

On the summer retreat, we eat mainly a raw diet abundant in green food, it’s like rocket fuel. It brings a lot of life force into the body what the yogas call prana. The yoga focus is on kriyas for for cleansing and cellular renewal, it’s a bit like a spiritual detox.

It’s also fun time to be on Ibiza, the summer season is just starting so not too hot and busy but there’s a definite buzz in the air.

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Middle English: from Old French prosperite, from Latin prosperitas, from prosperus ‘doing well’.

A chance us to get a bit more sunshine before the winter sets in, in the UK. The weather is warm and beautiful in Ibiza and the island calm again after the summer season.

We still eat a plant based diet, but with a few more warming foods and more grains, gluten free of course. We go deep into our hearts focusing on gratitude, for that is the key to true wealth. We practice the prosperity meditations and kriyas from the teachings of Kundalini Yoga.



“What an amazing revelation! I love Kundalini Yoga for giving me energy and positivity and for bringing life back into this tired, old bird again. I honestly have not felt so good since I was a young woman. Tragically I had thought I could never feel like that again!! My spine likes Kundalini too. It is given the thorough work out it needs without feeling jarred or sore afterwards.The music, chanting, singing – it touches parts of the mind that normal yoga cannot reach and is so UPLIFTING. It is like a short cut to a different, higher mind set. Like a whole different world opens up.” Kate IBIZA 2019

What happens when you take time out for yourself?

Retreats are a special opportunity that everybody needs from time to time, to stop and take stock of life. We live in mad times, the world seems to spin ever faster and never before has there been such a pressure on our nervous system.

Time out slows it all down, the possibility to let go of all the baggage that’s accumulated and come back into the present moment. A chance to be looked after for a change so you can relax, soften and get back in touch with what’s truly important and what makes you happy.

Take your practice to the next level

On my yoga retreat, you can take your yoga practice to the next level. There is time and space to have a deeper experience and not only will you get amazing insights into yourself you’ll learn lots of practical yoga lifestyle tips and tricks that you can take home to continue to enhance your life with. You’ll be challenged to grow into the best possible version of yourself and that can only be a good thing.

Supportive community is so healing

You’ll meet like minded souls and feel the support of a group of people with a common aim. Everyone is there looking to better themselves though a holistic yoga lifestyle.



Dasvandh is the concept that 10% of our income doesn’t belong to us, it belongs to the greater good. And as a practising yoga lucky enough to travel and hold space for people to relax into themselves in luxurious surroundings, this is my small way of addressing the inbalance in the world.

My favourite charity is run by my friend Naomi, Lapis Lazuli Schools She builds co-ed schools in Afghanistan from the proceeds of her charity boutique. I met her because I taught yoga for many years at the Hari Krishnas on Caledonian Rd, Kings Cross London where her original shop was. Over the years she has raised thousands of pounds and has built and runs a successful thriving school in Kabul. She’s now building a second school in Bamiyan, an impoverished area in the north of Afghanistan where the Taliban blew up the Buddhas.

What she does blows my mind. My joke is she built a whole school in Kabul in the length of time it took me to build my website. I love direct action and I love nice clothes 😉 it’s a winning combination for me. So everytime I run a retreat I gladly give 10% of the profit to her and the children.

Her shop is called pop up 38, after her original shop at 38 Caledonian Rd, but now she pops up in Soho and Covent Garden. You can find her on instagram @popup38 Pay her a visit, she stocks the most amazing vintage and designer secondhand and samples. I buy most of what I wear from there.

Power to the people.