'Day Off' Kundalini Yoga Retreats - Kiranjot

“Wow, that was an absolutely awesome day! Thank you so much for such a beautiful and powerful space to come together with incredible women. I felt anxious having not really met anyone beforehand but at ease from the minute I arrived. Everyone was so lovely and inclusive.”


 Women’s ‘Day Off’ Retreat

Thursday 23rd Sept ‘Peace’

At The Quaives, Kent, CT3 1RU


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These are indulgent days for wonderful women like you. You will get a total work-out for your soul using an holistic yoga practice that incorporates movement, breath-work, mantra, mudra and meditation to soothe frazzled nervous systems and bring about a state of deep peace. Fuelled with delicious, super healthy food and lovely like-minded company, this day retreat will lift your spirits and create mental space and joy inside your heart to inspire and encourage you to take positive steps in your life going forward.

There will be mindful movement to beautiful music, thoughtful enquiry, deep conversation in good company with peace and quiet to digest it all, plus a gift of beautiful stationary courtesy of Nikki Strange to note it all down so you don’t forget your insights and learnings. I will of course bring my big beautiful gong and crystal chalices to ease you into sublime states during relaxation.

This will be a safe space for women to reconnect with each other away from our homes and screens, immersed in nature in the beautiful Kent countryside. This will be a spiritually-uplifting experience that will leave a deep and lasting impression of love and trust in ourselves and each other.


“I can’t remember the last time I had so much space in my head and felt so relaxed and in the moment.”

‘The Quaives’ is our destination. It’s a quintessentially English country estate, and little slice of rock and roll history. Once owned by Christine McVie from Fleetwood Mac, The Quaives is now a luxurious yoga retreat centre set in 19 acres of lush green Kent countryside, with a state-of-the-art yoga studio, with incredible acoustics. The studio can be fully ventilated and we have secluded gardens to practice in, if we are lucky with the weather.

The Quaives is easily accessible from London. The 08.12 train from St Pancras will get you to Canterbury West by 09.08, after which it’s a 10-minute taxi ride. There is ample parking for those driving.


“It was lovely being able to give myself permission to switch off from everyday life and really enjoy the yoga and meditation with no distractions. I felt like I floated out of there! I’ve managed to hold onto that feeling as well.”

Private Chef

Really tasty healthy food is the fuel of life. I’ve run multiple retreats before and while I know you all love the yoga, seriously good food multiplies the good vibes.

All the food on all my retreats is gluten free, vegan, colourful and plant-based and we can cater for any food allergies and intolerances if you let us know on booking.

A light breakfast, three course lunch, soup, bread and sweet protein based snack for after the yoga will be served by our private chef. The joy of not having to cook and eating together is most definitely a retreat treat!

The Autumn Equinox

There are two Equinoxes a year and both are days when the energy of light and dark is in total balance across the globe. It’s a particularly beautiful time to come together to practice.

The autumn equinox is a time when the Sun enters the Venusian sign of Libra. Libra loves beauty, grace and harmony. Libra represented by the scales, stands for justice and fairness between all people to bring forth peace.

In the morning we will practice a powerful and cathartic Kundalini Yoga Kriya to help release frustrated and stuck emotions that are holding us back from fully experiencing our inner peace. In the afternoon we will practice gentle movement and mantra meditations to take us deeply into a place of bliss.

I am a skilled and experienced Kundalini Yoga teacher and hold a safe and inclusive space for the practice to work its magic on you.


“Thank you for holding the space for all of us and creating such a free, non-judgemental, honest, caring and loving environment.”

The Day

Please note tea and coffee will be available throughout the day.

9.30 Light breakfast and greetings.

10.00 Kundalini Yoga, a workout for your soul.

12.00 Icebreakers with Fortnum’s Organic Non-Alcoholic Bubbles

12.30 Three course lunch, quiet time, followed by a guided walk (optional)

15.00 Yoga, meditation, deeply relaxing sound bath

16.30 Soup, snacks and home time at 17.00

The train from London St Pancras arrives at West Canterbury at 09.08 and I will arrange a taxi both ways, it’s about a 15 minute ride. The train back to London St Pancras departs at 17.26. There is plenty of parking if you are driving.

Thoughts and Considerations

– Coming together again after so much time apart is incredibly special. And holding the space for people’s sensitivities so everyone can relax is a fine balance. I decided the easiest way to do that is to ask everyone to take a lateral flow test five days before and on the morning of our retreat, whether you’ve been vaccinated or not.

There is no perfect solution to a complex problem but testing is free and relatively easy to perform. It helps those who are vulnerable or feel more anxious to relax and enjoy spending time with other people.

– This is an intimate retreat with social distancing restrictions in place, capped at 13 participants. We will practice outside and in a very airy studio with plenty of distance between each other.

– If I have to cancel the retreat to follow government guidelines or if I test positive for covid, then I will reschedule this retreat which you can join or receive a full refund.

– If you have to cancel because you received a positive covid test result, I will refund you your investment minus £100

– I ask respectfully that we all have some much needed ‘time off’ buy not mentioning Covid at all during our special day together. 


“I feel alive, awake and in tune with myself. 

I’d lost my way and now I’m back”

To Book

Please email me Kiranjot, to say hi, and let me know you’d like to come. I will send you my bank details for a direct transfer of £247 and a heath / yoga questionnaire to get to know you, your current yoga practice and your needs better.

Thank you. I am so looking forward to spending this day together.

Kiranjot x

Gift Vouchers

Do you have a birthday coming up? Or perhaps you have a special person in your life you would like to give the gift of a yoga experience to?

If you would like to give or receive a retreat voucher please email me and I will send you out a personalised gift certificate in time for your special day.

10 % of Profits go to Charity

It’s a yogic concept called ‘dasvandh’ i.e. a 10th of our income doesn’t belong to us, it belongs to the greater good. We’re lucky enough to have the relative freedom to travel and time and safe space to relax and practice Kundalini Yoga. Giving money like this is my little offering to help in some small way readdress the dreadful imbalance of wealth and opportunity in the world.

The charity I support is Lapis Lazuli Schools run by Naomi, who I met many years ago while teaching yoga for the Hari Krishnas. Naomi was born and raised in Kabul, Afghanistan and she’s built, floor by floor, a co-ed school in Kabul Afghanistan for Hazara children from the proceeds of her charity boutique Pop Up 38. She’s finished the school in Kabul and it opened in 2012 snd is now in midst of building a second school in Bamiyan.

Since the Taliban takeover I have been in touch with Naomi –  in her words “As you know the children are on my heart every moment and I remember the early days when we literally paid for the girls dowries from the shop and the parents would sign that they wouldn’t marry off their daughters till they were 18 instead of 14. It worked and there have been years of girls doing well and getting scholarships to University. We’ve had to send all our female teachers home for the moment but till my last breath we will support them and the Hazara community – whatever it takes. Every day things are changing in Kabul and we will adapt to support as best we can.”

If you feel called, you can donate direct via their website. And if you’re in Central London do pay her a visit in her incredible shop. She stocks the most amazing vintage clothes and designer samples. Look for her on Instagram @popup38 to see where she’s popping up next.

Sat Nam