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Kundalini Yoga Online

Anywhere, Anytime

Kundalini Yoga Online

Anywhere, Anytime

Sometimes our schedule or location make it difficult to get a yoga class in real life. To remedy this I’ve got many Kundalini Yoga practices online so you can keep your yoga sparkle going, where ever you are …

Below are the three different platforms I teach on – have a look and see which suits you best.

I broadcast two live Kundalini classes a week from my private Facebook group “Sat Nam Fam”

This is perfect for someone who wants to practice Kundalini Yoga regularly. You can either do yoga  live with me or practice on catch up in your own time.

It assumes a knowledge of the key practices in Kundalini, tuning in, breath of fire, and locks. So not suitable for absolute beginners.

This is a subscription service, via paypal, Join here.

The first month is free after it’s  £24 a month which works out at just £3 a class.

Full T & Cs below

T+Cs "Things to Consider" please read before joining my FB group

1. I most usually record two 1hr 15minute classes a week, but when I am running retreats, doing further training or on holiday this is not always possible.

2. Sometimes life might also get in the way. I am a mum and a doula so sometimes, rarely I might be at a birth or looking after my child. In which case I will reschedule a missed class

3. These classes assume a knowledge of the basics of Kundalini i.e. breath of fire, the locks or bhandas and tuning in. I will explain clearly all the postures and any longer mantras but these classes are not suitable for absolute beginners

4.  Teaching online I will practise along with you and encourage you to keep up but as I can’t see you it is very important you take care of yourself. You will need a safe space wherever you clear of trip hazards or sharp corners or things you might bump into.

5. You don’t need many props to do yoga, a sticky mat is helpful, please use something made from natural material rather than plastic, we traditionally use sheepskins to sit on which makes it cosy and something to elevate your hips, you can use a cushion but a block will give more support. And you will need a blanket to hand for meditation and savasana.

6. I welcome your questions about about your yoga practise and lifestyle, you can private message me or email me. Sometimes we might meet in real life!! I hope so.

7. Most of the class are all labelled under the official name of the practice, with my special ‘chilli’ rating: 1 chilli – gentle. 2 chillies -bit tougher, 3 chillies – strong and sweaty.

8. Online we are at the mercy of wifi. I have invested in the very fastest home broadband connection and have a booster in my studio. But even then I cannot guarantee 100% coverage all the time. You will also need to make sure that your wifi is strong enough at your end so your class doesn’t get interrupted.

9. This service is paid via a Paypal subscription service at £24 per month, the first two months of the subscription for the price of one. You do not need to have a Paypal account to pay, you can use paypal to enter your debit / credit card details

10. To cancel, you do that via paypal, that is your responsibility.

11. These classes roll with the times. What I teach weekly is guided by the seasons, sometimes the astrology of the time, you can join in anytime.

If you want in, just click here to subscribe, I will email you back within 24hrs with the relevant links, see you online!

Movement for Modern Life is the premiere yoga portal for yoga in the UK and I am very proud to be the first to introduce kundalini yoga on their platform.

Vogue call them “The Netflix of Yoga” And this is the perfect place if you want to mix it up a bit, there’s numerous styles of yoga lead by the very best teachers in their class. I have a selection of Kundalini practices, an introduction for beginners, a full kriya, a bedtime routine and a fun bouncy practice to balance the hormones.

It’s a subscription service and you get 20% off if you follow my link.

I have a selection of guided meditations on you tube you can watch for free. These are some of my favourite practices I return to again and again.

If you watch please subscribe. Once I hit 1000 subscribers I can start to livestream direct from there, so more videos and a lot less painful  back ground technical faff.

Here’s the link to take you through to my You Tube Channel Kiranjot108


Praise from my FB Group

Hi Kiranjot, I am really enjoying your online classes. I cant believe the impact that just a few classes have had and I get excited wondering what the exercises will be like.

They are fun but really tough at times but because its different kind of moves to what I am used to I feel so curious and more motivated.

Praise from MFML

“Thank you so much for a wonderful first experience of a Kundalini Kriya. I feel really uplifted and elevated. Sat Nam”

“Wonderful class! It’s lifted my spirits ( much needed) and I feel more grounded. Sat nam xxx”

Praise from You Tube

“Wonderful! I feel much better after doing this, for the first time! Maybe that is the prosperity I need right now. Kiranjot-ji has a wonderful demeanor, smile and general friendliness which comes through this electronic media and adds to this great experience. Thank you! Sat Nam.”

“Thank you so much for your beautiful guidance through this kriya! <3”

“THANK you first time ever tried. I so blew my mind”

I teach a number of exciting one off events in real life and online, I also share what I’m currently learning through my monthly ish newsletter. Opt in and be in the know.

Have a question? Get in touch

07779 284527    kiranjot108@gmail.com

I offer all this from my heart to yours, with many thanks!