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Kundalini Yoga Anytime – Anywhere.

Sometimes our schedule or location make it difficult to get a yoga class in real life. To remedy this in July 2018 I created an online Kundalini Yoga Community “Sat Nam Fam”. Wherever you are in the world, no matter how crazy your schedule you can tap into the miraculous energy of Kundalini Yoga.

I also teach Kundalini Yoga Classes for Movement for Modern Life, this is the UKs premier yoga portal. If you like to try a variety of styles and teachers then this is ideal. Sign up here for 20% off.

I broadcast 22 Kundalini Yoga Classes a month from my dedicated home yoga studio, via my private FB group “Sat Nam Fam”

This is perfect for someone who wants to practice Kundalini Yoga regularly.

The classes vary in intensity and are all labelled with my chilli system 1 easy – 3 very sweaty.

You can either do the yoga live with me or catch up on the practice in your own time.

Classes are Monday – Friday 7.45 – 8.30am and 2 x 1.5hour extended classes a month each new and full moon.

*BONUS* a library of 250+ classes. That’s a lot of Kundalini Yoga!!!

All for a reasonably priced paypal subscription. £12 for your first month and £24 thereafter.

Everyone gets the first 48hours free!!! So clear some space to practice and get ready to dive in.

No email required, simply request access here and I’ll add you to the group.

Movement for Modern Life is the “The Netflix of Yoga” and the premiere yoga portal for yoga in the UK. I am super proud to be the first Kundalini Yoga teacher on their platform.

If you like trying different styles of yoga, this is service for you. You’ll find hundreds of quality yoga classes taught by the very best teachers in their genre.


It’s a subscription service, to get 20% off follow my link.

“It blew my mind”


If you’ve never done Kundalini Yoga before check out this super exhilarating short practice above, It’ll give you a good feel or how fun and different Kundalini yoga is. Extra points if you actually do the practice rather than watch it 😉 then you’ll really know what the Kundalini buzz actually feels like.

I have many other mediation videos on my You Tube Channel Kiranjot108


I teach a number of exciting one off events in real life and online, I also share what I’m currently learning through my monthly ish newsletter. Opt in and be in the know.

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