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“Wonderful class yet again. Joining your group is the healing I have needed for a very very long time”

Kundalini Yoga Anytime – Anywhere.

Sometimes our schedule, location or never ending lockdown make it difficult to get a yoga class in real life. In 2018 I created an online Kundalini Yoga Community called “Sat Nam Fam”. Sat Nam Fam has grown to serve 100+ people from all over Europe and I now stream over two channels Facebook and Zoom, Wherever you are in the world, no matter how crazy your schedule you can tap into the miraculous healing energy of Kundalini Yoga.


The live classes are Monday – Friday 7.30 – 8.15am GMT & 2 x 1.5hour classes every new and full moon.


What you’ll need: a good internet connection and a clear safe space to practice. Optional extras: something to sit on, a yoga mat or sheepskin and a blanket for relaxation. For an optimum experience, I recommend using an external speaker or head phones.

Please note because I am not in the room with you, you must to take responsibility for your own yoga practice. Use common sense. Make your space safe, clear of anything you might knock into and listen to your body, rest if you need to.

 Kundalini moves are simple so you are welcome to join as an absolute beginner but I assume a basic knowledge of three key Kundalini yoga techniques, turning in, root lock and breath of fire, I have instructional videos on all three on my You Tube channel.

If you can’t make the live classes, you can watch back them back via Facebook. Every single class I’ve ever taught online lives no the Facebook feed. There are 250+ full classes to choose from, something for any mood! All classes are labelled using my chilli system: 1 for easy, 3 for a big sweaty workout.


I stream over two channels Facebook and Zoom, these links will take you straight through to the classes. I’ll go live 2 minutes before each class (schedule above or on the home page)

Dive in, everyone gets 48hours free.


You want to commit to regular practice then subscribe please use this PayPal link or set up a standing oder using a direct bank transfer to Laura Jones 60-83-71 63529538. It’s £14 for the first month then £27 thereafter, for 22 classes month.

If you don’t want to subscribe you can drop into a class for £7 concessions / £10 full price.


I also teach Kundalini Yoga Classes for Movement for Modern Life. This is the UKs premier yoga portal, Vogue calls MFML “The Netflix of yoga” It’s perfect for you if you like to try a variety of styles and teachers. Sign up here for 20% off your subscription.

Feel the Kunda-buzz

Try this fun and energising short practice above. If you’ve never done Kundalini Yoga, it’ll give you a good feel of how different Kundalini yoga is. Bonus points if you do the practice rather than watch it, yoga’s always better experienced (on an empty stomach).


I have many other meditation videos on my Youtube Channel and follow my instagram, just click the logo below, that’s another place I share meditations and healthy lifestyle tips.

Cosmic Kundalini

Zodiac means way of life and I often talk about the current astrological weather in my classes and explain why we’re doing a particular practice on a particular day. I find this gets more juice out of the practice and believe it’s why so many people say “thank you, that was spot on.”

My monthly newsletter contains details of astrologically timed kundalini yoga practices.

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