Women's Yoga Retreats in Ibiza 2020

 “What a journey you took us on, challenging, emotional and so enriching.”

Women’s Kundalini Yoga Retreats with Kiranjot

Ibiza is calling!


Despite the massive upheaval of Covid19 I am delighted to announce I am still planning on running two retreats for womxn in Ibiza.

I can’t wait to return to beautiful Ibiza and show you all the special places I’ve discovered over the years.

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Womxn’s PROSPERITY Ibiza 27th September – 3rd October 2020 Last spaces

Womxn’s POWER Ibiza 25th – 31st October 2020 Half full


We stay in a big beautiful villa set in aces of private land with fantastic facilities. We are based just outside the glamorous village of St Gertrudis in the campo (countryside) of beautiful northern Ibiza.

We are surrounded by orange groves and pine forests. There is a lovely pool to swim in and lounge around and flower laden terrace where we eat. There is a yurt in the orange grove, with two huge gongs for sound baths, this is where we do our morning and evening practice. There’s a beautiful shady deck by the pool we we practice during the day.

There are beaches are in all directions within a short drive. The famous Benirrás beach known for the drumming is our closest beach.

We live ashram-ish community style, there is one single room for a supplement all the other rooms are all shared 3/4 each to a room. This experience of communal living is what helps creates supportive sisterhood and strong bonds of lasting friendship during these weeks.

“I am a full time mum and carer and I cannot begin to tell you how incredible it was to just care for myself for a change.”


We eat really really well in Ibiza. I have worked closely for many years with a qualified chef and nutritionalist Veronique Delphine. V creates a delicious brightly coloured plant cased menu and everyone is always amazed at how good the food is. The food helps the cleansing process and gives everyone a big energetic boost, it’s the magic ingredient that helps create big energetic shifts for people.

“I feel great mentally, my mind is calmer and and I’m feeling more confident with much more love for myself.”

What We Do?

There is more yoga on offer on these weeks than a regular yoga holiday. I want you to leave feeling your best ever and we do that through a great diet and lots of yoga. It is all optional, sometimes rest is best but the option is there to practice three times a day, early in the morning in the yurt, after breakfast on the deck and a more meditative practice after supper.

Ibiza is full of incredible places and I love to take people out to practice amongst the many sacred sites around the island. Nature is the greatest healer and it’s extra special to practice outside, breathing deeply in the pine forests, praying in the cave of the goddess or meditating on the beach into the sunset, lush.

Please watch the video below I made of the retreats in 2019 to give you more of a flavour of what we get up to.

“I was very apprehensive as I had only done very basic yoga before but after this week I am totally amazed with how I feel within myself, wonderful. Thank you.”

Incredible Ibiza

There is something for everyone on Ibiza and we have plenty of free time each day to explore and soak up the special Ibizan energy.

We’re situated in the serene campo (countryside) in the north just outside the glamorous little village of St Gertrudis. Santa G has many lovely cafes and boutiques to enjoy, Wild Beets is a personal fave where the people watching is spectacular. There are beaches in all directions within a 20minute drive through picturesque countryside. Or you can chill at our peaceful villa, bathe in the sunshine, swim in the pool or take a walk in the pine forests.

For one wonderful week this beautiful island is our playground and you can do as you wish.


“Thank you so much, It’s been the first time in ages I felt like I could completely relax and be me.”

Who Comes?

These weeks attract diverse groups of womxn of all ages from all sorts of backgrounds. Some people have masses of Kundalini yoga experience, others very little. You don’t need to be good at yoga, but a willingness to really go for it does help as the more you put in the more you’ll get out. I always do an introduction to Kundalini Yoga on the first evening and l’ll explain everything really clearly throughout the week so you know what you’re doing. 

This makes a great holiday if you’re travelling alone, after a day or two everyone relaxes and the chatting and comradely begins. Throughout the week, nothing is forced, privacy is respected but as we practise together, eat together, relax and enjoy Ibiza together, magic happens.

Their is huge power and immense healing in supportive womanhood, these weeks are special and the effects are long lasting.

“I want to live a clean holistic lifestyle and came away to break my unhealthy daily regime. The yoga was amazing, mind blowing, I felt such a deep soul connection and stillness.”

A Typical Day


5 – 7.30am – Aquarian Sadhana. The traditional Kundalini start to the day. Join us in the yurt as the sun rises to welcome in the day, with prayers, yoga and chanting.

8 – 9am – Breakfast

10.30 – 12.30pm – Morning yoga workshop on the deck by the pool or out somewhere spectacular.

12.30 – Lunch

After Lunch free time. Time to relax by the pool, explore the town, go for a walk in nature, head to the beach, whatever you wish!

6.30 – Supper

8.30 – 9.30pm – Yoga and Meditation in the yurt or into the sunset on a beautiful beach.

10pm – Bedtime

 FYI All the yoga is optional and you are encouraged to go at your own pace, not everyone is an early bird 😉

Covid T & Cs

With travel restrictions easing after lockdown, borders are open and travelling to Ibiza in 2020 is now possible. The big clubs are closed all season so they’ll be none of the usual party crowd thronging to the dance floors. Gatherings are limited to groups of 20 people, which suits us just fine. I will be keeping a close eye on developments over the summer but for now these are my terms..

A deposit reserves your space and the final payment is due the month before we go


Before September 1st I am giving 100% refunds on all deposits, no questions asked.


A month before we go the rest of the payment is due if anything were to happen suddenly after you’ve paid in full I will refund your payment minus 10 per cent, which will be either £79 or £89. This money will help cover a portion of my costs on hiring the villa and our wonderful chef Veronique. I don’t like to do this, but I hope you understand it’s a large financial commitment for me to fund in advance a wonderful retreat for us all.


I recommend you buy appropriate travel insurance.


Spaces are limited and these weeks sell out, to pay your reserve your space, please book now


15 places in total…


£797 total, early bird price. £897 full price.


A deposit of £297 secures your space. This you can pay via paypal through the book now buttons or via direct bank transfer, please email me for details.


These weeks sell out, paying your deposit reserves your space.


The outstanding balance is due one month before we travel.


Flexible payment plans are available for all my retreats, please enquire via email to make arrangements.


Arrivals and Departures


Please book your flight to land at Ibiza airport latest at 4pm on the Sunday our retreat starts. That gives you plenty of time to get to the villa for our first meal together at 5.30pm

Book your flight to leave Ibiza anytime from 11am onwards on the Saturday our retreat finishes. That will give you enough time to enjoy a final practice , breakfast and get to the airport without an uncomfortable rush.

What’s included


6 nights accommodation in shared rooms in a beautiful villa set in acres of private land with fantastic facilities.

Gourmet, vegan, gluten free meals served three times a day by a private chef.

Lots of Kundalini Yoga for five full days, plus a Sunday evening workshop on arrival day and early morning sadhana on Saturday morning.

They’ll be gong baths! we often use the gong during practice to accelerate meditation and facilitate deep relaxation.

What’s not included


Flights –  Ibiza is a major tourist destination and there are reasonably priced direct flights from all over Europe and the US to Ibiza.

Transfers – Our villa is 25 minutes away from the airport, which is about a 30 Euros taxi ride. Before we go I make a group email and people who arrive at the same time can share rides. 

Car Hire – There is no public transport on Ibiza and we are 20 minute walk from the glamorous Ibizan village of St Gertrudis. Cars come in very handy. We pool cars between us, our group is approx 15 so we need 3 / 4 cars between us. 100 euro approx per car..

Boat hire approx 100 euro per person minimum 10 people required for boat hire

Paddle boarding 45 euro per person approx

Treatments at the villa – I always have a therapist on hand for massages 60 euros approx

Personal Shopping

Water is scarce and expensive in Ibiza if you use a towel or the washing machine there is a charge of 10 euros

“Wow! Wow! Wow! Laura your retreat was immense! Every single yoga class was delivered with the same passion, love and care, (Kiranjot) you’re a wonderful teacher. Thank you for shining out and radiating all your positive vibes and ideas! This wonderful week of kundalini yoga has given me so such clarity and vision. I will look back at this week and see it as the clear turning point in my life where I started achieving my dreams”


This is me …

Kiranjot or Laura as I’m otherwise known. Ibiza is my very happy place, I love feeling present in my body, comfy in my clothes and in good company. It hasn’t always been like this, I’ve had a lot of work to do on myself to get to this place of equanimity. Kundalini Yoga saved my life, I glued myself back together and surprised myself with strength I always sort of new was within me but didn’t know how to access. The retreats I run in Ibiza blow my heart wide open. The healing power and creative activation of Kundalini yoga cannot be underestimated.

“One of the bravest and best decisions I’ve ever made. Kundalini Yoga turned my life and health around.”

“One of the bravest and best decisions I’ve ever made. Kundalini Yoga turned my life and health around.”

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