Pregnancy and Birth - Kiranjot

“She gave us both such a great sense of confidence and trust! ”

Yoga Doula

I have worked as a doula, pregnancy and postnatal yoga teacher supporting women through pregnancy and birth since 2010.


I originally trained with Paramana Doulas and went through the mentoring process with Doula UK in 2010 and was a recognised Doula UK doula for many years. I recently completed an advanced doula training with the Nicola Goodall and Mars Lord and joined the Red Tent Doula Collective in 2019.


I have attended about 70 births, each one very different. I am particularly experienced supporting 40+ IVF mums giving birth for the first time.

Kundalini Yoga Doula

The way I work is very fluid, everyone has a unique set of circumstances and I adapt myself accordingly. Through intelligent conversation we work out what your ideal birth scenario is, what your options are and through conversation, broad spectrum birth information and yoga we build a trusting relationship and get you feeling confident in your body and birth process so by the time you’re ready to meet your baby, we know each other well and you feel completely relaxed around me.


What do you want? Do you just want some extra support through pregnancy or would you like someone to be with you through birth?


I offer talking sessions, private pregnancy and postnatal yoga, birth prep, and active birth support as a doula.

“She is very calm, yet assertive with the midwives when putting my wishes forward. After my first birth she helped me overcome my breastfeeding issues, without her I would have given up. She is amazing, very very caring.” Kirsten

My care for you as either your yoga teacher, doula or both is completely non judgemental. I have worked for women who are very clear they will do whatever the doctors say and want an epidural to mums who want to do it all by themselves with no pain relief at home.


You’re the boss, it’s your birth, your baby, I am simply there to guide you along your path.


I am not a replacement or there to rally against sound medical advice, nor will I get in the way of the love and care from your partner if you have one. Partners often feel nervous about the thought of another person getting in their way of their love and support for their partner at birth but actually having a doula present makes it easier for partners to give their full concentration to their partner.


My aim is always to get you and your baby off to the best possible start in life together.


How to hire me

If you’re thinking about hiring me as your doula the first step is to see if I am available. Please email me to get in touch. I need to know your due date, where you live and a little bit of info about your current situation and birth plans.


If I think I can help we’d have an initial chat on the phone, with a view to meeting up for a no obligation face to face chat. If once we’ve meet we’ve both decided we’re a good fit you would book me by paying a non refundable deposit and 50% of my doula fee.


Women usually book me about half way through their pregnancy but not always and I am very used to being taken on last minute and working intensely with women to get them birth ready.

I have completed many birth related trainings, including. Establishing breastfeeding with Jack Newman, Spinning Babies (baby positioning) with Gail Tully, Use of Rebozo (three times with various people) Aromatherapy for birth and Traditional Post Natal Care with Nicola Goodall. I personally use homeopathy and am confident using it at births. I am a member of AIMS (The Association for Improvements in Maternity Services)


Kundalini Yoga Doula

Birth Doula


Kundalini Yoga Birth Prep

Kundalini Yoga is extremely challenging which is why it makes such excellent birth preparation. In just three sessions I can teach you tools that help you maintain your focus, keep calm and give you an incredible experience of your own strength.

3 x 2hr One – One Private Birth Prep Classes


One Off Consultations

If you find yourself in a situation where some unbiased guidance would be useful I offer consultations. By deeply listening to your story I can get a clear picture of your situation and can help you find your way through.

£60 per hour

In the Press

Have a question?  Please email me